Here you can find the answers for the questions you might have

Why I should choose Grant Thornton?

When you join Grant Thornton, you are getting more than just a job - you are becoming a part of the Grant Thornton experience. What is the Grant Thornton experience? It’s about building a healthy, high-performance culture where people feel valued, respected and encouraged to contribute all their unique abilities.

For which position I can apply in your company?

We have three big departments where we more often seek for best candidates:

1)             Audit

2)             Tax

3)             Advisory

What are the steps of recruitment in your company?

Generally we have 6 steps for hiring:

1)             Phone interview 

2)             Grant Thornton's Presentation and related test (in group)

3)             Office interview with HR and Manager

4)             Office interview with Partner

5)             Office interview with General Director.

6)             Job Offer

How much time it takes to go through these steps?

Usually it takes 1 hour for each interview, except phone interview, and 2,5 hour for Presentation test.

What level of English should I have to apply for the open position?

Your level of English Language at the moment of application for a job should be not less than Upper Intermediate.

Do you offer internships?

We offer work experience and internships. In some cases, internships can lead to permanent employment.

I have sent a resume a while back, but haven’t heard from you.

Either we reviewed your resume and found that it didn't meet our requirements, or we have filed it for our next hiring period. We keep resumes on file for one year.

Will I have benefits and opportunities to learn after successful hiring process?

Grant Thornton is committed to providing a broad spectrum of training opportunities for our people, across multiple disciplines – both technical and non-technical. Training is not the only facility to support the learning and development of our people. Ongoing coaching, on-the-job development, global assignments and the implementation of a rigorous performance management system are equally important. This performance management system includes goal setting, development plans, annual appraisals, growth and inspiring conversations.

As for benefits, we want you to bring your whole self to work; for this reason, we provide a suite of programs and benefits to help you achieve your professional, financial and well-being goals throughout your career with our firm. Our reward package includes insurance, mobile allowances, certification and trainings expenses, and a bunch of various bonuses additional to salary for best performance and professionalism.

Is there any feedback after each steps of interview?

Yes, if you successfully passed test and interview you will be invited to the next step within one week. In case when we think that at this moment your preparation and experience for the applied position does not meet our requirements you will be sent an e-mail with the answer within 2 weeks. In case you did not received any feedback after 2 weeks, kindly ask you to contact us and check your status.

Where I can send my CV?

Please send us your CV to this mail box:

In the topic indicate the position that you are applying for and your salary expectations. The cover letter attached to your email would be a plus.